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Read What People are Saying:

Read What People are Saying:

"Have had your Staber washer for almost two years.  Had a problem no high speed spin and called your service department. They were very helpful and courteous.  Took twenty minutes to find the problem, a broken wire on the balance switch. Thanks for a great washer.  American made.  Happy Thanksgiving." - John M., Providence, RI
"While I was shopping for a new washer I was reading horrible reviews about a company that used to be known for their quality, I stumbled on some raves for a U.S. company called Staber!  Staber builds the kind of quality machines the other company used to be known for ... and Staber's American made.  Yes, we're 3 years into lovin' our Staber washer - Scott H., Lake Stevens, WA.
More from Scott H:
 "My family loves our Staber washer!  The genius is in the simple and energy efficient design, and if anything were to go wrong, they're easy to fix and that's why I bought it!" 

"One of my best friends has a new washer whose brand used to be reputable and they're having a miserable time getting it serviced...and it's NEW!  Am I ever happy I bought our Staber!"

"Imagine that your washer has failed and your family of 6 is watching the dirty laundry pile up for days while you wait for the repairman.  And you're listening to your teenage girl whine about needing her clothes washed (like you can do anything before the repairman gets there).  Since I bought our Staber that just doesn't happen anymore!  Great engineering and made in the U.S.A. is why.  It's great to see that a company is still committed to quality."

"From our research on washing machines we decided on a horizontal axis machine...and from there we went to the Staber top-loading horizontal axis unit.  Now, after five years of constant use of our Staber we can say that all the positive claims we heard about the Staber are true.  We can verify reduced water and energy usage, superior reliability, and ease of use and maintenance.  This Staber washing machine is going to be part of our family for a long time." - Mike D.  

Sure love my machine and the fact that I can fix it myself”  Deb W., Weston, WI

Customer service at Staber is something you certainly can be proud of.” - MB of Batavia, NY

 I love your laundry detergent. It cleans beautifully, thanks!" - Teri A in KY

"Other than guns, we love our Staber washing machine. It is made by a small mom and pop company, they work great, last forever, and are are easy to fix."- Rabble in TN

“This machine has been the best thing I have ever bought. I have told my mom, neighbor and friends how happy we are with this machine. I think you may have some new customers coming soon! I do not recommend anything unless I am completely happy with the customer service as well as the performance. Staber has done both for us. Your service is the best I have ever seen in any industry and the machine is quieter than my last machine by leaps and bounds!”—Suzette in CA

“We received our new Staber washer about a month ago and LOVE it! We bought it sight unseen based on your ads and testimonials on the Internet and really thought we were taking a terrific chance on a thousand dollar machine, but it is everything we hoped for and performs excellently. We are very pleased that we bought the Staber vs. a Maytag® or Whirlpool® front loader.”—Bonnie in MI

“I recently bought a Staber washing machine. Everything you said about this washer has proved to be true. I use less water, less fabric softener, and have hardly used any soap the past two weeks. My clothes are not wrinkled and take a lot less time to dry. They also seem to be a lot whiter and cleaner. We are very pleased so far with this purchase. We will never own another Maytag®! We are also glad that this product is made in the USA! The information we have read that came with the washer seems like it will be very easy to repair ourselves if we need to work on it. The size of the load you can wash with this model is twice as big as the super size capacity washer we used to have. The first impression my brother and I had of the capacity this washer would hold is very deceiving the first time you look at it. We almost left the store after looking in the lid. My brother and I are very pleased with our Staber Washers. Thanks very much!!”—Tom in IA

“My colors look brighter already, my whites are whiter, and I still have a hard time believing it does it on one ounce of detergent and bleach. With my old washer I used at least a cup of soap and bleach on my whites. The washer is so easy to use and my clothes don't feel crowded with a bigger load.”—Thelma in AZ

“I’ve found that I can basically double the amount of clothes I was doing in my old washer. I actually was able to wash my comforters (queen size) one at a time without overloading the washer. I can hang clothes outside and they will be dry in as little as 3 hours. I don’t normally respond to a company this way but I think the product is great and the service was very good as well, which is rare in today’s business climate. Thanks!”—Bob in MO

“Four weeks ago, we purchased one of your washing machines--and WE ARE VERY PLEASED. My wife and I wish to express our complete satisfaction with your product. The machine is a wonderful testimony to your design and fabrication skills. We have noticed that it truly gets our clothes cleaner than the top loading Maytag® we owned for years. And it does this with far less soap and water-- a big savings. We are amazed that the wash water that drains is so dirty. I guess the machine is removing years of dirt that the Maytag® left behind. I collect and repair old cars for a hobby and have been impressed with the way it removes the grease and dirt from my coveralls. During nice weather my wife usually hangs clothes on the outside line. But with our old Maytag® the lint residue, usually on dark colored clothes, frequently made it a necessity to run them through the electric dryer to remove the lint. Your machine seems to leave very little lint which is a big plus. And it saves the cost of running the electric dryer. Yes, we are pleased and are trying our best to tell all our friends and neighbors about your great product. One very nice benefit is that it is made in Ohio, USA, not offshore, ugh! Good Luck -- keep up the good work! And best wishes during this holiday season and in the New Year to all your employees.”—Rich in PA

“I can't believe how clean my laundry comes out with such little water. I have the discharge hose going to a small bathroom sink with absolutely no possibility of over flowing. I researched washing machines for two months and decided on the Staber due to its simplicity and efficiency. Thanks for designing such a great product.”—Mike in NY

“I actually enjoy doing laundry now. I find I can do twice the size of loads as before. I am impressed by its capacity, its cleaning action, and how much water it extracts during the final spin.”—Heather in MI

“Just wanted to let you know that I am still very pleased with the Staber washer that I purchased in January. Everything is great & I can't get over how much cleaner our clothes are! Plus, I really have not had to purchase any detergent in months. This in itself is such a cost savings. Please pass on my compliments about what a great product the Staber washer is!”—Diane in NJ

“My wife loves it and the clothes are cleaner than ever. I like the simplicity of the washer, and its quietness.”—Bryan in OH

“I've had my Staber washing machine for 15 months, and I am more pleased then ever with everything about it. One of the reasons I was attracted to it was because it is advertised to be "end-user repairable," with all the mechanical parts easily accessible from the front of the machine. With the solid, quality, straight-forward engineering that goes into these machines, and the long warranty, I wasn't expecting anything to go wrong. Still, I didn't want to have to be dependent (and wait or spend money on) on a repair person to fix simple things. Well, about a week ago, it refused to drain or spin after the rinse cycle. I tried to re-set it a couple of times, but it still would not drain or spin. I followed the simple, step-by-step trouble-shooting guide in the manual, and had it fixed in about 15 or 20 minutes total, including time to diagnose and then fix the problem! (And I certainly am not especially mechanical.) Turns out that a small screw that had been left in the pocket of some shorts I had been washing had come out and become lodged in the pump blades, and the machine properly shut itself down from an operation that would have required the pump blades to spin. I have so far been very happy with everything about this machine; it is nice to have a product that DOES come through strongly on all the claims about it by the manufacturer.”—Kristi in VA

“...laundry is looking great. It is a bit hard to accept the 1 oz. of detergent, but we have stuck to the instructions and had ZERO problems. I'll say my clothes look just as good or better than ever! No doubt in my mind. We are very satisfied and I cannot tell you how much the water-economy means to us - we are "on the grid" but have our own water system so the water-economy is really what sold me. ALL IS WELL - we love our Staber. Take care - and I will recommend the machine to others! It is just enough different that you need a customer with an open mind or an engaged-conscience but that is their short-coming, not your machine's.”—Ken in AR

“Just wanted to let you to know that my wife loves the washing machine we purchased from you. It does everything as advertised. That is a lot of praise, as the machine had a lot of promised claims to live up to.”—Mike in PA

“I received my washing machine on Monday. ... I had been saving dirty clothes in anticipation of its arrival and spent the next two days washing clothes, sheets, towels, and blankets. I even ended up washing my little dog's "bear rug" head and all, and it came out as good as new. Towels that I had been planning to throw away came out so clean and fresh smelling, I couldn't believe it. My husband commented, totally unsolicited by me, that his running clothes and towels had never smelled so clean. The funny thing is that I used only 1 tablespoon of Surf detergent and unscented Bounce in the dryer and had absolutely stuffed the tub just to see what would happen with this smelly load. Needless to say, I love my new toy, and that is what it feels like when I use it. I can hardly wait for the guys to dirty some more clothes! Thanks for proving that American-built really can be the best.”—Barbara in NY

"Wanted to let you know that the machine is doing a fine job of cleaning with less water and less soap. The clothes, etc., are softer without so much soap embedded.”—Jeanette in AZ

“Just a note to tell you how much better your washing machine is than any other machine I've used. Shortly before ordering your machine I purchased a Calypso® washer and dryer pair, which is pretty much in the same price range as your machine. The Calypso® did not get the clothes clean, ripped and tore some of the clothes and the clothes were very wet when taken from the washer. Needless to say, I returned them. Since I've been using your machine, all my clothes have come out clean even when I wash them in cold water, the clothes are so dry when removed from the washer that it's cut my drying time in half. As an added bonus I've not had any more skin rashes since I've been using your Staber machine and prior to using your washer I was bothered almost constantly by eczema and hives.”—Karen in NC

“Did my first load of laundry on Sunday (yes, Easter) and am very impressed. Washed in cold water because my water heater hasn't arrived yet. Could not believe my eyes, how clean and stain-free everything was. Last night washed my 'hack-around' jacket that was badly spotted with oil stains. Pre-treated the stains with ZOUT® and again washed in cold water. It looks like a new jacket. To repeat myself, I love my Staber washer. Thank you for a wonderful product.”—Suzanne in NY

“We bought a Staber washer in February and LOVE our new machine. It is everything you said it would be! It really is unbelievable how much water and soap we save. I only wish we had gotten one sooner.”—Suzu in CA

“We've been using it for about three weeks now and just love it! It runs so quiet. The clothes come so clean and with hardly any soap. They also dry very quickly. Thank you very much for a quality product....and the best part of all is that it's made in the good ole' U.S.A.!”—Paul in WI

“I know I said if I didn't write, assume all was well - but I have to tell you, this machine is terrific! The drum looked small at first, but a huge amount of clothing disappeared inside without being crowded, and was easy to retrieve. It's actually fairly quiet, and sounds better, and more interesting, than a standard washer - that's an odd thing to write, but there's a difference. When you listen to machinery a lot, some things sound balanced and stable, and some don't, and your washer sounds like a high-quality machine tool. Good instructions, and I like the controls, too - simple, straightforward, easy to clean around. As an engineer by training, I really appreciate the level of engineering design and usability testing that obviously went into this product. I measured electricity consumption on my e-meter, and it was spot on. Thanks again.”—Kate in NY

“We've been running several loads a day trying to catch up from not having a machine for more than 2 weeks, and I LOVE IT! It seems that the clothes are getting cleaner than they were with my old washer, too, though I am the only one in my family who notices. :-) At first I was afraid to fill it really full of clothes, but it seems to do just fine if I fill it all the way. It will be interesting to see the difference on our water and electricity bills when we settle down to our typical laundry load.”—Helen in CA

“Very pleased with service provided by your staff and the performance of the washing machine. As advertised, your machine uses significantly less water, detergent and spins more water from the clothes, thus decreasing the dryer time. Nice unit!”—Vaughn in ME

“It works great. I was so surprised at how easy it is to load and I can tell a big difference in my clothes. In other words, I love it.”—Martha in IN

“I know for sure that we use less water. We have a metered water softener and that usage is way down. Saves on salt, too. Clothes are softer, I think because it rinses better. I don't smell the scented detergent when they are done drying. They dry quicker. Clothes are cleaner with the Staber.”—Tim in WI

“I used to own the Staber 2304 model washer until renovations to our home (resulting in a smaller laundry room) made my Staber difficult to fit. We sold our machine and purchased a compact stackable washer-dryer set. The new washer is very poor quality compared to your Staber, even though the new washer is from a reputable company. In my opinion, the Staber is without a doubt the best quality washer in the market. Other machines may have more "bells and whistles" but the Staber is a workhorse, well designed and very reliable. We have six in our family and I do about 10 loads of laundry each week. I never had any real problems with the machine and it did a really good job getting the clothes clean. Needless to say, we are returning the other machines and will likely purchase a new Staber in the future.”—Kym in OH

“I decided upon the Staber after purchasing a top-of-the-line Kenmore® washer only 5 years ago. There have been many problems with the Kenmore® and now the bearings on the plastic tub are going out. The cost for parts is over $400 with me performing the repairs. Upon arrival of the Staber, my wife had to put a comforter into the machine because she couldn't believe it would hold very much. To her surprise it held the Queen size comforter with room to spare. We look forward to using our Staber a long time and it's nice to buy a product American made.”—Kenneth in ID

“Our Staber 2304 was delivered today and I am running my 8th load. My husband and I are very impressed. Our 3 teenage sons are amused and glad to have clean laundry again! We took the suggestion to not use detergent on these first loads and are amazed at the soap suds draining out. It is working great! Things are clean and they smell -- like nothing!!”—Marilyn in OH

“I am amazed at how gently our new Staber washer treats our clothes. I have washed silk and rayon articles in the Staber that I would not wash in my old traditional agitator machine, even though that machine had a so-called "gentle" cycle. But my favorite attribute of the Staber washer is its incredible rinsing powers: no more sudsy clothes or linens! I'm loving it! I think it was a semi-crazy thing to buy a $1,000 appliance based on what I read on the Internet and on your website, but I'm glad I did. I have washcloths that are completely soft for the first time, now that there's no soap residue left in them.”—Nancy in MA

“We purchased the Staber washer over a year ago; the washer has preformed beyond our expectations, and all claims that were made on the Staber Web Site are true. When the items are removed from the Staber they are almost dry, they spend far less time in the dryer than normal. Could not be happier.”—Gary in KY

“Things are going great with the Staber washer. I can honestly say for the first time that I'm completely happy with something I purchased over the phone. I only have 4 solar panels so this washer is very important for us to save power. Thanks for everything.”—Darrin in AZ

“I wanted to drop you a line about the Staber washer I purchased in January of this year. First of all I had my doubts but I looked on the company's website and read about the features of the washer and decided to give it a try. Boy am I glad I did. I was told the first couple of times you wash your clothes to use no detergent. I was skeptical thinking my clothes absolutely would not come clean. My husband works at a power generating station and also on the equipment he drives doing his job. His clothes are the dirtiest pieces of clothing on this earth. Although his jeans are washed they always looked dirty, that is until I bought my Staber. It is unbelievable. His jeans once again look new, using a tiny bit of detergent. I have put my soap in a liquid dish soap bottle and just give it a small squirt. My cotton bed sheets are now softer than I thought possible and bath towels are unbelievable. The towels are fluffy and twice the size they used to be. They were so full of soap they were weighted down. I don't get excited about most things but I am absolutely sold on this machine. Thank you for introducing me to a great product.”—Yvonne in IA

“We just received our Staber washing machine today, 2/18/2005. After getting it into the house we connected it up and let it run through one cycle empty. Wanted to be sure all was working and no leaks. Well, no problems so the real test, got some dirty items and tossed them in. Followed the excellent instructions which came with the unit. Turned it on and what an incredible machine. I was talking to a friend in New Jersey and didn't have to strain my voice or ears to have a conversation. I couldn't hear the unit even upstairs unlike the old unit we retired. What an outstanding machine Staber has made. I did my research, but didn't know what I was really purchasing. My wife and I are so impressed and the folks at Staber were so helpful in answering all my questions prior to making the purchase. I can't wait to tell all my family and friends about the Staber washing machine. This is a very fine unit and does an incredible job. If you're considering purchasing one of these machines, I think you'll be impressed and not regret making the purchase. Made well, made in the USA, and made right!!”—Scott in MD

“We received the washer in perfect condition last Monday. I can't tell you how happy I was to find that the washer was everything I hoped that it would be. We immediately put it to work washing all kinds of clothes and it is hard to believe it can wash with as little water as it uses. Please feel free to use me as a reference for you washer and I will be happy to demonstrate it as well. It is so wonderful to find a company that makes things that are built to last and service directly by the end user. There is still a remnant of Americans who do not waste energy and resources for expediency!”—Tim in GA

“It performs just as advertised! Hardly any detergent needed, less water, less time to finish laundry...washed a "dry clean" only rayon outfit the other day, it came out beautifully plus I love that it's made in the USA. I previously had a Maytag® front loader which I moved to a rental house ( I don't miss it!). Thanks for delivering what you promised.”—Judi in FL

“We've been using our Staber washing machine now for well over a month and it is the best washing machine we've ever used! It's saving us water (which is VERY important here in Southeast Arizona), electricity (10 cents a Kilowatt hour) detergent, and TIME (45 minutes per load compared to 75 minutes for big brand name I almost bought). Our clothes come out cleaner (and not beat up) and dry faster. I've already grown accustomed to the sounds it makes as well. My friends and neighbors think it's very HIGH TECH! I literally 'agonized' over which washing to purchase over a period of weeks. I consulted many sources, and checked many prices. I had it narrowed down to the new Frigidaire® 3.5 cu. ft. model, but when I really compared it to the Staber, the Staber beat it hands down. And I was able to purchase the Frigidaire® for about $650 (no pedestal). Once I realized that it used 23 gallons vs. 16 gallons for the Staber, took 75 minutes to launder a load, it used much more electricity than the Staber, and the lifespan and maintenance costs for the Staber were MUCH MUCH better, the right choice was a no-brainer. American-made right down the road from where I grew up. It does what it is supposed to do in a very good manner! What else can we say? Great product - Great Price - Great Customer Service. THANK YOU Staber!”—Doug in AZ

“Well, I am very pleased so far. I can really see a difference in my laundry. Everything is much cleaner and whiter. I also noticed that the clothes are much softer and I have discontinued using fabric softener. I just don't need it. Overall I am very pleased. Your customer service is excellent. Thanks again.”—Eleanor in CA

“We just received our Staber washer yesterday. I have done several loads of wash; all came out very clean and smelling great! I used the Staber detergent, too! Although I haven't had my washer for very long I am very impressed so far. It is a very stylish looking machine, too. I will have to admit when my hubby did an Internet search on washing machines I was a bit reluctant as I had never heard of Staber before. I did my research and I soon was looking forward to the delivery of the machine. I want to thank you for getting the machine out to us so fast. (Our other machine just dropped dead all of a sudden!!!) Great machine! I am telling all my friends about Staber!”—Shirley in MI

“We have owned a Staber washing machine for three months now, and every time my wife uses the machine see says it was the best investment we made this year. With water conditions near draught our cistern is still over half full because of our purchase of a Staber. It does everything you say, gets laundry cleaner, brighter, and saves money and water. Thank you for a quality product that delivers.”—Bruce in NY

“We really are happy with our Staber washer; I can do all of my laundry and get it on the line in one morning. The clothes get very clean. We live on the black land prairie and in a very black and muddy (at times) part of it; sometimes we get covered in mud (say the water line breaks) but the Staber washes it all away in one load with other clothes. My old washer would take a pre-wash and an extra rinse and still not get it all and I couldn't put anything else with it or that would get just as dirty as the muddy stuff.”—Kelly in TX

“Well, we've given it a year and a half since our purchase. What a great product you build. My wife was very skeptical, so we took a trip down to your factory. After seeing the machine, we purchased one. We are extremely pleased. With four children, our wash load is huge. Our water bills were cut by 1/3 and the clothes have never been cleaner or less damaged. You may use our name in Michigan as a strong recommendation.”—Bill in MI

"This was long overdue in complimenting you on such a wonderful and unique product. We purchased your HXW2304 washer back in October 2005. I'm elated! I can't express enough on this wonderful machine. It really impressed me on the size and load capacity as this has really cut down on my wash loads. I normally would wash 6 loads per week and now I do 3 and that saves on precious energy and expense. If you would like to use us as a reference, please do, as I would like to share with others the grandeur of your product. Overall, purchasing this washer in the long run I can honestly say, has already saved us time, money, water, laundry supplies and I'm sure in the near future service calls. Now what better deal can beat that? Thank you Staber for my washer. I just love it! Everything that you had indicated about this washer is truthful and I thank you. Now I never dread doing my laundry, in fact, it's rewarding!.”—Dee Ann in MO

"We love the washer! It is everything as advertised! The clothes are much cleaner and better smelling after washing and the detergent use is 1/4 of what we used to use. Also, after spinning, the clothes come out drier than our old machine. We haven't had a water bill, yet, but we anticipate it being lower. The electric bill is $10 lower for the past month and has to be partially attributable to the new washer, since everything else was stable electric use through the past few months. Comparing 2005 April electric to 2006 April, the Kwh is 130 less this year. Thanks!!!  Great product, and we've been telling our friends about it; word of mouth advertising. A couple friends who recently bought nationally advertised brand washers have told us of problems and electronic control issues with them, so of course we promoted our Staber. Hopefully, they'll get tired of dealing with those problems and look at your product.!"-Jon in OH

"Initial reaction by my wife was ‘Why did you buy that thing? I never heard of it’. After using it she said, ‘Wow! I can’t believe the amount of soap I used was able to clean the clothes!’ and ‘Wow! The capacity is larger than it looks!’ She also couldn't believe how much drier the clothes came out."-Richard in NY

"It is the most quiet machine I have ever used. After having your machine recommended by a friend of mine and using this one, all I can say is 'I should have ordered it three years ago when he showed it to me!'."-Cecil in FL

"It has been two years since we purchased our Staber washer and I have been meaning to write you a letter of how happy I am with it. I like how much laundry it can take at one time and am thrilled at how little water it uses and dumps into our drainage system; it is no longer flooded on one part of our property! The cleanliness of my clothes, the small amount of detergent needed, the ease of loading/unloading from the top yet having the great qualities of a front loader, being able to repair it ourselves and the quality of help from your staff are some of the perks. I could go on and on. Thank you for manufacturing a great washing machine!"-Tammy in PA

"We put a lot of thought and research into washing machines before deciding to go with the Staber as anyone should. I called to inquire further into the Staber machine and reached a very helpful delightful saleswoman. She was able to answer my many questions. One of my many questions included questions about a drying cabinet. What is that! She told me all about it and it sounded interesting so after discussing with my husband we decided to get that too. So I called back to the Staber factory and ordered the washing machine and drying cabinet. The helpful saleslady recommended a case of detergent after I said I would try a bottle. I took her advice and ordered the case. She told me it could take up to 6 weeks for them to fill my order. I was a little disappointed it was going to take so long but you don't rush great things.

 In less than 3 weeks I got my call that my order was ready. My husband and I made plans to travel to Ohio from Indiana to get the appliances. Once at the factory it was a very simple place much like the design of the Staber washing machine. We had paid in advance so it was a very simple painless procedure. We drove around to where they said and the men loaded our appliances into the truck. I felt like a kid at Christmas and couldn't wait to get home and examine our purchase especially the mysterious drying cabinet.

 Once we got home we put our new appliances in their place and installed the washing machine as directed to. The drying cabinet was very simple. I examined my new cabinet and couldn't wait to see how it worked drying things and couldn't wait to see if what everyone said about this washing machine could possibly be true. We would see very soon. I threw in the first load of laundry having forgot the saleslady had told me not to use any laundry detergent the first few times. After starting the machine and smelling the clean scent of the Staber Detergent I remembered not to put any detergent in. All was good we had been using low sudsing detergent previously not that it worked well. After the cycle was complete I couldn't wait to examine how well it worked. The clothes came out clean, fresh and had very little water in them. Wow just as advertised. Could this be? An honest company with a good product in 2012! Something can't be right this doesn't happen anymore.

In my first load I made sure I had something to hang in my drying cabinet. So I grabbed my articles that could go into the drying cabinet. Hung everything in there, found the right settings and pushed the start button. Thinking that this has to be the product that I wasn't going to be happy with or wasn't going to be what is was described I started a new load of laundry and went about to find other things to do. While I was cleaning up elsewhere in the house my thoughts were on my new appliances and how pleased I was with the washing machine and the detergent was very good too. Soon I hear a beeping so I knew it had to be my new drying cabinet. I hurried back to the laundry room to examine how well it worked. To my surprise it to was everything it was said to be. Even better.

All in all I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase. This is the best purchase we have made in a very long time. This company has a good product and it speaks for itself. my electric bill has went down since we have had these appliances. My dryer is running much less so not only does the washing machine use less electricity so does the dryer which makes it very noticeable when you get your bill.

I know this washing machine is a little more expensive than others but I feel it has already starting to make up the difference. I have had 2 friends who have since purchased new machines and they thought it was much to expensive to buy a Staber but when their machine dies in 3-4 years and I am still using my Staber I bet they will rethink what they purchase next.

If any of you are on the fence of whether the drying cabinet is worth the expense. I dry winter coats, flannels, delicates, work gloves and boots in it all the time. When it comes time to dry my husbands work boots after he has got them soaking wet and they are bone dry in a few hours and not wafting the smell of leather and oil through my house plus not coming out stiff it is worth it. I no longer have my unmentionables hanging everywhere in my bathroom to dry. I can't believe this isn't a more popular appliance in US. It is so unknown and I really wish it would be advertised more because this is a must have. This summer it will be great to have for when we get out of the pool and throw are swimwear in to dry quickly. We often decide to take an evening swim and often I bow out gracefully because I can't stand to put on a damp bathing suit.

Thank you Staber for offering such superior products and keeping it stateside. I love your appliances, your detergent and the fact that this is all American made. I would drive across country to purchase anything that is made with this much quality and integrity. It isn't right more people aren't aware of Staber and the quality of your product. You all are like a secret gem hidden away and the lucky few know of your existence. If you ever decide to design a dishwasher please contact us. Lord knows we need a company that sells a good dishwasher. For that matter if you go into designing any other appliances I am in. Sick of filling landfills with appliances that have such a short life span." -Ungers in IN

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