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Videos of How a Staber Washer Is Made and WorksThis page shows videos of how a Staber washer is made and works.
Pictures of How a Staber Washer WorksShows pictures of how a Staber washer works.
Staber Manufacturing PhotosJust like getting a brief tour of our factory, check out these photos of how Staber washing machines are built.
Frequently Asked QuestionsReviews the most frequently asked questions related to our Staber washers.
Top Load Agitator Washer ComparisonExplains the benefits our Staber washer has compared to traditional top load agitator washers.
Cost ComparisonShows how a Staber washer costs less compared to other washers when you consider the energy, water, and detergent usage in addition to the initial purchase price.
Front Load Washer Comparison
Explains the benefits of our Staber washer compared to front load washer designs.
Specifications for Staber WasherExplains the specifications for Staber washers.
Solar Power UseExplains the benefits of using our Staber washer on alternative power sources such as solar or wind power.
Warranty for HXW2305This explains the warranty for our Staber washer model HXW2304.
Warranty for HXW2505This page provides warranty information for the Staber washer models HXW2404 & HXW2504.
Washer & Dryer RegistrationRegister your Staber washer & dryer here.
Staber Washing Machines
Questions? Call us at 1-614-836-5995.

Questions? Call us at 1-614-836-5995.

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Product List

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Staber Washer Model HXW2305 (White Cabinet)Staber Washer Model HXW2305 (White Cabinet)This is our most popular Staber washer model. Staber high efficiency washers use 67% less water, 50% less energy, and 75% less detergent compared to traditional top load agitator washers. It is the only top load horizontal-axis washer made in the U.S. There are also many design advantages compared to front load washers.
Staber Washer Model HXW2505 (Stainless Cabinet)Staber Washer Model HXW2505 (Stainless Cabinet)This is the model HXW2505 and features a stainless steel outer cabinet.

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