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Staber Washer Model HXW2305 (White Cabinet)
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Staber Washer Model HXW2305 (White Cabinet)
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This is our base model with a white cabinet, control panel decal and knobs. It has a powder coat painted steel base, and stainless steel inner and outer tubs. Made in Groveport, Ohio, this is our most popular washer model. It is a commercial quality washer for both commercial and residential markets. There have been numerous design changes and improvements based on customer feedback since our Staber washer was first introduced over 23 years ago. It costs about $0.75 less per load to use compared to traditional top load agitator washers. This can save the average family of three doing eight loads per week around $300 each year by using less water, energy, and detergent. What Makes Staber Different Compared to Traditional Washers? Although it looks like a standard washer from the outside, Staber operates differently on the inside. Using a patented geometric cleaning action, Staber's six-sided inner tub rotates inside a stationary half of an eight-sided outer tub. As the shape between the inner and outer tub changes while the inner tub rotates, a passive pumping action is created between the two tubs which gently pumps water through the holes of the inner tub and through your laundry. The inner tub can usually hold more laundry than a traditional agitator washer (up to twice as much) because we do not have an agitator and you can utilize the entire tub volume. Up to a king size down comforter can be washed (depending on the thickness of the material). Inlet hoses not included

Features Benefits
Automatic prewash, wash, bleach, & softener dispenser Conveniently dispenses at the appropriate time so you do not have to
Attached power cord & drain hoses Quick and easy installation
Automatic cold extra rinse Helps save energy and also reduces detergent residue in laundry
Automatic water level control Fills to the appropriate level based on the load size
Safety lid lock Prevents someone from accidentally accessing the tub while spinning
Total front serviceability Convenient access to parts, saves on repair bills, eliminates requirement for authorized service people
Stainless steel inner & outer tubs Provides exceptional durability
Reversible, variable-speed universal motor Eliminates need for expensive transmission, clutch, and brake assembly used in agitator washers
Maintenance free, self-cleaning electric water pump No lint filter to have to periodically clean; synchronous pump motor reverses its direction to help unclog itself
Heavy-duty four strut suspension Eliminates 'walking' and noise
Sealed front and rear heavy-duty bearings Provides exceptional durability and support for the tubs
Mechanical knobs on control panel Easier to use than electronic push buttons and less expensive to repair
Patented tub design creates gentle water movement through your laundry Cleans more effectively than circular tubs
Questions? Call us at 1-614-836-5995.

Questions? Call us at 1-614-836-5995.

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