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Front Load Washer Comparison
Compared to the Typical Front Load Washer Design, Staber...

Compared to the Typical Front Load Washer Design, Staber...

Is proudly made in the USA in Groveport, Ohio. Most front loaders are actually foreign imports, even if from a leading brand.
Has top loading convenience so you do not have to bend over to load/unload (or consider buying a couple $150 pedestals to raise the machines).
Has no front water seal (or rubber boot)--eliminates future leaking problems and mildew.
Staber is a more durable, commercial-grade washer as opposed to a standard domestic residential machine built only for residential use. To show our confidence in the durability of our washer, Staber still honors the part warranty if used in a commercial application.
Uses less water than most front loaders when tub is loaded full (Staber uses 12-16 gallons per load), thus less energy to heat the hot water.
Uses less detergent (1 ounce compared to 2-3 ounces), due to less water per fill and better agitation with our patented tub design. This represents the largest savings and is a big reason why Staber is the most efficient washer available. Regular detergent is fine; we do not recommend HE detergent like what is recommended in front loaders.
Has a quicker payback period due to using less resources (mainly because of less detergent).
Uses durable stainless steel inner and outer tubs, as opposed to a plastic outer tub.
Has immediate access to the inner tub while washing if you forget to add a pair of socks, whereas most front loaders are locked while in the wash cycle.
Uses a patented tub design that creates a water pumping action to clean more effectively than circular tubs.
Uses two bearings per shaft, supported on front and back, as opposed to just one bearing on the back of the tub. This provides greater durability over time and can prevent premature bearing failure which is more likely to occur with a front load design.
Uses simple mechanical switches on the control panel as opposed to the expensive, electronic push-button controls found on most front load washers.
Has total front access to parts which enables you to easily maintain and service the washer. Staber does not require authorized service people.
Saves on maintenance costs through the life of the washer.

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