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Fire Departments Using High Efficiency Washers to Help Environment While Cleaning Their Gear

Staber Industries Provides High Efficiency Washing Machines to Fire Departments Nationwide.

Groveport, OH (PRWEB) May 22, 2008 -- Firefighting can be a dirty job, and when it comes time to get clean, more and more fire departments are looking to high efficiency Staber appliances to handle their gear. With energy costs on the rise and environmental concerns looming, fire houses are increasingly searching for earth friendly ways to accomplish everyday tasks. Central Ohio-based Staber Industries has been creating high efficiency washing machines for homes and businesses since 1994, and is proud to provide fire departments with an American made option for meeting their unique needs.

At the Truro Township's two fire stations in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, the laundry appliances are in nearly constant motion. In order to handle the steady demand for washing the firefighters' turnout gear, 32-year department veteran Jerry Foltz went looking for an industrial strength washer that was up to the challenge. Luckily he didn't have to look very far, as he quickly discovered that a local manufacturer was turning out a high capacity, energy efficient washing machine that is rugged enough to handle his team's gear.

When asked why he initially chose the Staber washer, Chief Foltz explained that he was looking for a commercial grade washing machine, but found them to be too costly. After finding that the Staber units were within his budget, Chief Foltz quickly found that the initial purchase price was not the only cost benefit of the Staber unit. The laundry cost savings continue to this day because "the washer uses a lot less water and a fraction of the detergent as other washing machines," Foltz said, "and items are so dry when they come out of the washer that drying times are cut drastically." Chief Foltz also was quick to point out that any service issues can be easily handled in-house with help from Staber's telephone support. "Their service department is extremely helpful, and an issue that might normally result in an expensive service visit on any other machine is often a simple and low cost repair that they are able to walk us through over the phone." Between the two fire stations in Truro Township, there are now three Staber washers working full time to keep the department's gear and towels clean.

And it turns out that it is not only fire departments in Ohio that have found Staber washers to be a good fit. Jennifer Ilich, National Sales and Marketing Director for Staber Industries, estimates that Staber washers are currently in use at over 200 fire departments in more than 20 states throughout the country, and steadily increasing. About 1,000 miles away in Southern Florida, 24-year veteran Captain Heller of the Cocoa Beach Fire Department agrees with Chief Foltz. "We have been using Staber washers for our bunker gear for over a decade," Heller said, "and our gear is practically bone-dry after we pull it out of the washer."

Because the Staber washer was initially designed for residential laundry use, it is also gentle enough even for delicate clothes and therefore a great choice for families who are looking to "green up" their laundry rooms. The popularity of the washers in fire departments and other commercial applications comes as no surprise, however, with the shifting trend toward earth-friendly appliances and sustainability. "Fire chiefs appreciate the fact that our appliances are American Made while also environmentally responsible," Ilich notes, "and with high usage and lower operating costs, the washers are often able to pay for themselves in a matter of months."

About Staber Industries
Based in Groveport, Ohio, and founded in 1976, Staber Industries is a manufacturing company specializing in energy efficient appliances and detergent for residential and commercial laundry needs. For more information, visit


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