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 Staber Announces Addition of Electric Clothes Drying Cabinet to Product Line

Energy Efficient Appliance Manufacturer to offer Electric Clothes Drying Cabinet

Groveport, Ohio (PRWEB) April 18, 2008 -- Staber Industries, a leading provider and online retailer of energy efficient, American made laundry equipment, has announced the launch of a new model of electronic clothes drying cabinet available for sale at After enjoying decades of popularity in Europe, drying cabinets are now finding their way to consumers in North America who are in search of an alternative to hanging their delicate clothes outside.

 Although not a replacement for traditional tumble dryers, the Staber Drying Cabinet is the perfect accessory for users who want the gentleness of air drying, with the speed and convenience that can only be achieved within the laundry room. Whether drying delicate hand-washables, or heavy items such as coats, boots, and large blankets, the drying cabinet safely and efficiently accelerates the drying process while taking up no more space than a small refrigerator.

Facing an increasing demand for alternatives to traditional drying, Staber Industries president Bill Staber saw an opportunity to round out his company's line of high quality appliances. "Today's busy consumers are constantly on the lookout for better and faster ways of addressing everyday needs, and the drying cabinet is just one such solution," Staber noted. "And with more and more garments labeled 'do not tumble dry', the clothes line is becoming a very crowded place." Given the cabinet's large capacity and flexible configuration of the hanging prongs, the DCV3000 replaces up to 45 feet of clothes line when fully loaded, and at over 17.5 cubic feet becomes the highest-capacity commercially available drying cabinet on the North American market.

The DCV3000 joins a lineup of Staber appliances that already includes a high capacity and high efficiency washer and dryer which - in addition to being American made and earth-friendly - are also end-user repairable.

About Staber Industries
Based in Groveport, Ohio, and founded in 1976, Staber Industries is a privately owned manufacturing company specializing in energy efficient appliances and detergent for residential and commercial laundry needs. For more information, visit




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Questions? Call us at 1-614-836-5995.

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